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Kopi-O 咖啡乌

Kopi-O 咖啡乌


Middle to Dark roasted of Libericia Coffee Beans from Malaysia grinded to powder and packed into 01 filter bag. Consist of 01 double wall paper cup, 01 lid, 01 wooded stirrer, 01 filter bag with powder and 02 packets of sugar. The packed powder is separately sealed to maintain its freshness. All items are given and packed for the ease for carrying around to help you make a cup of Kopi-O anytime anywhere.

1 杯盖,1木质搅拌棒,1咖啡粉滤袋和2糖包。咖啡粉单独密封以保持其新鲜度。所有物品都独立包装,



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