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About us

About Chai Coffee

Chai the name comes from the Chinese word, 财 or 財, which means ‘fortune’ in English. The whole phrase is called 和气生财means ‘harmony brings fortune’ and this is what we as Chai Coffee stands for.

We name our coffee as such because we have our strong beliefs in our own customer-oriented philosophy by customising coffee using our coffee and our partners’ cafes. This will allow our customers to enjoy coffee at more cost effective and convenient environment, so that this brings positive vibes to them with a sense of coffee appreciation satisfaction. Aside from that, by working closely with our suppliers and other stakeholders too, we provide a community of harmony and so in turn, this brings fortune to all of us.

Our Strengths


Our main strength lies in our unique coffee packaging style, where we come with a coffee cup and a customisable coffee concentration level for our customers.

We also take pride in our coffee freshness for a longer time as our beans or powder can stay long without turning sour.

Ever wonder how and why our beans and powder can stay long without losing much of the coffee aroma?

Chai Coffee derives from the coffee plantations of Malaysia, where it boasts one of the world’s main natural coffee exporters. The coffee fruit is being processed in the following ways:

(1) Natural or dried in fruit process

No layers of the coffee fruit skin are removed. Instead, the coffee fruits are plucked from the trees and lay out in the open to be dried under the sun.


(2) Honey process

The skin and pulp of the coffee fruit are being removed but the sweet honey liquid remains during this process. This is to protect and preserve close to 100% of the flavours of the coffee beans.

整个短语被称为和气生财意味着'和谐带来财富',这就是我们Chai Coffee



我们的主要优势在于我们独特的咖啡包装风格,我们为客户提供咖啡杯和可定制的咖啡浓缩水平。 我们也为我们的咖啡新鲜度感到自豪,因为我们的豆类或粉末可以保持很长时间而不会变酸


我们有没有想过为什么我们的豆子和粉末可以长时间保持而不会失去大部分的咖啡香气? Chai Coffee来自马来西亚的咖啡种植园,拥有世界上主要的天然咖啡出口商之一。